Lessons and Activities

This is the set of lessons and activities we have developed for our four-day overnight program. If you are interested in the reasoning behind these lessons, please refer to the Educational Theory and Practice Category.

Activities are stand-alone instructional experiences that come together in a lesson to create a more comprehensive learning experience.

Lessons and Activities Subcategories


Lessons 176
Garden 74
SOP Curriculum 63
Arts 62
Team Building 49
Evening Programs 37
Investigations 26
Water Lessons 25
Games 24
Tools 18
Harbor Lessons 17
Each One Teach One (E1T1) 17
Friendship Circle 14
Interconnections 14
School Yard Lessons 9
Solo Experiences 6
Climate Literacy 6
Cemetery 4

Lessons and Activities Posts

“I am…” Poem
1. School Overnight Program Curriculum
2. Fall 2020 Day Program Curriculum
4 C’s
A 5 Course Meal
A Race Between the Hummingbird and the Crane
A Slug’s Pace Perspective Storytelling
AB Charades
AB Sorting
AB Sorting Alternative
ABC Song
Abiotic and Biotic
Abiotic and Biotic Each One Teach One
Abiotic Observations
About Each One Teach One
Alaskan Baseball
All My Friends
All Nature’s Critters
Alternate Ways to Use the Teams Course
Alternative Conceptions about Honey Bees
Amphibians Song
Anatomy of a Hive
Andy Goldsworthy Stewardship
Animal Stretches
Aquatic Nets
Art snapshot
Audio Recorder
Backwards Name Game
BaFa BaFa
Banana Slug Song
Banana-nana-nana Slug Song
Barnacle’s Story of Food, Energy Edition
Baskets Full of Stories
Bat Box
Bat Detectors
Bat Moth
Bat Stories
Bear Hunt
Bear, Salmon, Mosquito
Bee Products
Biodiversity in the Intertidal
Biomagnification game
Bird Beak Buffet
Bird Language Skits
Bird of Prey Shuffle
Blakely Harbor Field Guide Cards
Blakely Harbor Then and Now
Blindfolded Shapes
Body Rhythms
Book List
Botanical Printmaking
Bryophyte Song
Building a zoo
Bump The Birdie Game
Campfire Claps
Campfire Introduction
Campfire story
Car Rally
Carbon Cycle Model
Catch me if you can
Cemetery E1T1
Cemetery Investigations
Cinquain Expressions
Circle Games
Circle Inside Out
Circling In Song
Climate Data Art
Close ups and zoom ins
Cob oven
Collage Community Agreement
Comfort Circles
Common Ground
Community Agreement
Community Web
Companion Planting: The Three Sisters
Competition between species
Compost Baby
Compost Cake
Compost Cake Song
Compost food web
Constellation skit
Controlled Experiment
Count to Ten Chant
Counter Narratives
Coyote Pack
Create A Field Guide
Daily Teambuilding
Debriefing Teams Course and Team Building
Decomposers Song
Decomposition and decomposers
Diamante Poem
Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Students
Dirt Made my Lunch
Disco Walk
Discussion Norms
Dismissal Rhymes
Dismissal Song
Douglas Fir Skit
Drumming: Relationships Through Rhythm
E1T1 Card Files
E1T1 Extension – abiotic needs of plants
E1T1 Painting A Picture
E1T1 Plant Investigation
E1T1 Storytelling
Eagle Eyes
Earth Eyes
Eating the Whole Plant
Ecology Paint Splatter
Ecosystem Calendar
Ecosystem Challenge
Ecosystem Chant
Ecosystem Comparison Supergroup
Ecosystem Drama
Ecosystem Illustration, Portrait of an Ecosystem
Ecosystem in a Box
Ecosystem Lap Sit
Edible Plant Parts
ELL Strategies
Erosion Investigation
Ethnobotany Each One Teach One
Evening Books
Evening Program – Outdoor
Everyone Should Have Some Worms
Experience Journal
Fall 2020 Course: Ecosystem Exploration
Fall 2020 Course: Engineers at the Harbor
Fall 2020 Course: Engineers at the Pond
Fall 2020 Course: Engineers at the Stream
Fall 2020 Course: Engineers in the Forest
Fall 2020 Course: Engineers in the Garden
Fall 2020 Course: Garden Exploration
Fall 2020 Course: Systems and Cycles
Field Study
Fir Cone Bird Feeders
Fish Printing (Gyotaku)
Five Tree Song
Flash Flood
Floating Classroom Introduction
Floating Questions
Food cycle
Foolish girl story
Forest Sculpture
Forest Succession
Forest Survey
Freshwater Ecosystems
Friendship Circle Resources
Froggy (song)
Frogs in Yonder Pond
From Farm to Fork
From the Depths of Mac’s Pond
Frozen Bird Identity Sculptures
Frozen Bird Lesson
Funga Alafia
Garbage song
Garden Each One Teach One
Garden Ecosystem Lesson
Garden Food Collaborative Lesson
Garden in a Pita Pocket
Garden Logistics
Garden Nutrient Cycles
Garden Orb Weaver
Garden Scavenger Hunt: Introducing PCDs
Garden-Based Community Agreement
Gear Up
Get To Know You
Giant Buffalo Song
Group Game Icebreakers
Group Juggle/Name Toss
Habit Survey
Habitat mapping
Habitats Hiding at School
Habitats Hiding at Your School
Harbor Day Roles
Harbor Scientists
Harbor Stewardship
Harbor Video
Helium Hoop
Hey Friend (tune of Hey Jude)
Hey IslandWooders
Histories Mysteries
History Clues
Hog call
Honeyed Words Can’t Sweeten Evil
How Bear Lost His Tail
How Deer Got Fire
How Dragonfly Became Dragonfly
How Fire was Stolen from the Red Crested Cockatoo
How the Kingfisher Got His Bill
How the night sky came to be
How to create and hold a space for storytelling
Human Impact on Wild Zones: A Case Study
Human Knot
Humans and Water-Themed Week
Humans Impact on Watershed Activity
I Am From… Poem
I Went Down To The River
I Wish I Was
Ideas of Nature Through Basket Design
Identity Sculptures
Illawarra and the Five Islands
Indoor Evening Program
Inquiry-Based Each One, Teach One
Interactive Climate Boards (Learning Studio Hallway)
Interpreting Climate Data Lesson
Introduction to Beekeeping
Introduction to Honey Bees
Introduction to Pollinators
Introduction to the Engineering Process
Introduction to the Garden
Invasive Species Investigation
Investigation Presentations
Investigation Questions
Islands with a Salmon Twist
IslandWood and Home
IslandWood Baskets E1T1
IslandWood Ethnobotany
IslandWood Explorers’ Map
IslandWood Memories
IslandWood Song (Life is Good, IslandWood)
IslandWood Watershed Map
Job Assignment (Student roles during hikes)
Journey of a Water Drop
Just So Stories
Kiwi Ball
Knee Coup
Know Know Know Your Trees
L.A.W. Mystery
L.A.W.S. of nature
Labyrinth Resources
Land Acknowledgement Statement
Land and Water
Larval Samplers
Lava crossing
Layers of the Food Forest
Leaf in a Bag
Leaf in a Bag – Short Version
Leave No Trace
Lesson Template
Let’s Plant Seeds!
Letter to Myself
Lichen Song
Life And Death In The Forest
Life and Death Through Story
Lifecycle of a Bee Colony
Light Investigation
Light Meters
Light, Air, Water
Little Brown Bat
Living Machine
Living Machine E1T1 Cards
Living Machine Water Quality
Llama Song
Loop a group
Love The Earth
Low V
Mac’s Pond
Mad Libs
Make your own Intertidal Creatures
Making a Difference at IslandWood
Mandan Cedar Basket Story
Mapping The Food Forest
Mapping the Garden: School Visit
Mapping the Watershed
Mason Bee
Material World
Meet a tree
Meet a Worm!
Metacognition tips
Microscope Etiquette
Mind Map
Mingle, mingle, mingle
Mobius Strip
Mohawk Walk
Molecules of Carbon Game
Monday Friendship Circle Lesson
Moon Phase Lesson
Moss Community Mapping
Musical Trash
My Barnacle
Name Games
Natural pigment chromatography
Natural Pigments
Nature ABC Song
Nature journaling
Nature’s AB’s Categorization
Nature’s Critters
Nature’s Notebook Community* Science Phenology Project
Nettle Song (Spring Sting)
Neuron Dab
Nitro Crossing
Nocturnal Animals
Now That I’m At IslandWood
Nurse Log Lesson
Oh, Salmon!
Outdoor Evening Activities
Owl Lesson Resources
Owl Mythology and Cultural Significance
Owls, Mice and Seeds
Ozette Potato Lesson
Packing Song
Pass the Potato
Path Map
Path to Stewardship Lesson
Perspective Storytelling
Perspectives and Nature Photography
Photo Journeys
Pirate Story
Pizza Man (Bo Diddly Bop)
Plankton Towing
Plant Dance
Plant Reproduction Unit
Poetry Community Agreement
Pollination Partners
Pollination, Recreation!
Pollinator Investigation
Pollinator Pathways
Pond Investigation
Popcorn hiking
Port Blakely Cemetery
Possible Investigations
Predator Trail Game
Prelude to a Night Hike
Primary Colors
Prime Climb
Producer, Consumer, Decomposer Best Friends
Producer/Consumer Lesson
Quail Hunt
Question Prompting Activity
Race to the Sun Game
Racoon Learns a Lesson
Rapping in the woods
Rattlin Bog
Raven and the Man That Sits on the Tides
Recycle Rap
Recycle Relay
Rhythm Routine
Rods and Cones
Roots Go Down
Rufous Hummingbird
Safety and Fear (with Honey Bees)
Salsa in the Garden
Saving seeds
Scat Rap
Schedule Song
School Grounds Percolation Field Study
Schoolyard Ecosystems
Science Circus
Scientific drawing
Secchi Disk
Secret of the seed
Secret of the Seed
See Ya Later IslandWood
Seed in a Bag
Seed-Themed SOP
Selkie Stories: Storytelling and Identity Sharing
Senses Song
Settlers of Catan
Sheet Drop
Silent hike
Silent-Line Up
Simple Bee Explorations
Sketching Claims and Evidence
Skit Topic Ideas
Skull Activity
Skull Pictures
Skywoman Falling
Slick Rock
Sling Psychrometers
Slug hunt
Small Animal Traps
Snake Bite
Soil Chemistry Investigation
Soil Explorers
Soil Investigation
Soil Scientists
Soil Sifters
Soil Sleuths
Soil to snack
Solo experience
Solo sit
Solo walk
Solo walk cards
Solo Walk Poem
Song Sparrow Game
SOP Assessment
SOP Lesson Template
SOP Self Assessment
SOP song (Blank Space Parody)
Sound Map
Space Walk
Species Accounts
Spider’s Web
Spotting Scopes
Spring rolls
Stand up
Starting Seeds
Steal My Baby
Stewardship Card Game
Stewardship Deep Dive
Stewardship Map
Stewardship Song
Stories with Bats
Story of a Leaf
Story of a Water Drop (for Dismissal)
Story of the Trees
Student Journal
Student Led Solo Walk
Student-Driven Investigation
Sunshine, Raincloud
Survival Salmon Style
Suspension Bridge Lesson: Surface Area and Physics
Systems and Stewardship at the Living Machine
Tail Tag
Taste Tour of the Garden
Teaching Objectives
Teaching Self-Confidence with Picture Books: I Love My Purse
Teaching Tools for the Harbor
Team building
Team Building Stories
Team Rhythm
Tension Traverse
The 4 P’s of Game Facilitation
The Ballgame Between the Animals and the Birds
The Bee Colony
The Bundle of Sticks
The Campfire
The Crab and Needlefish
The Flock of Quail
The Food Chain Song
The Foolish Girl Skit
The Gossiping Clam
The Lorax
The Music of Nature
The Parts of a Plant
The Sounds of Nature
The Story of Food
The Story of Jumping Mouse
The theft of fire
The Times They are a Changing
The Wren and the Water Ousel
Things We Can Easily Measure
Three Wise Monkeys
Thursday Friendship Circle Lesson
Ticket to Ride
Tiny Neighbors (Microworlds Unit – 5th Grade) [Homewaters Lesson]
Toilet Paper Tube Planters
TP Shuffle
Transect Continuum: Exploring Perspectives
Transfer of Learning
Transpiration Investigations
Tuesday and Wednesday Friendship Circle Lessons
Turkey Vulture Rap
Twenty Questions
Two by three
Two Feet Girl
Ukulele Stewardship Song
Understanding Nature Through Dance
UnNature Hike
Unopposable Thumbs
Using Path Maps and the Stewardship Map Meaningfully
Water cycle boogie
Water cycle game
Water Filtration
Water Quality Investigation
Water Samplers
Water Supply Mapping
Water Wonders Water Cycle Game
Waterfall (WAM)
Watershed Engineering Problem
Watershed Model
Watersheds Song
We Come From the Mountain
We will rock you
Weaving Our Community Together
Web of life
Whale Watch
What do worms eat?
What do you think plants need to make food
What’s My Line
When I Rise
Where do plants get most of their mass from?
Where do the Crabs Live?
Where Ya Gonna Run To?
Who was given the fire
Who was given the fire? – Cowichan Story
Why Honey Bees?
Why People Need Plants
Why the Birds Wear Bright Plumage
Why the Weasel is Nervous
Wobbly Log
Worm Digestion
Writing Scientific Conclusions
Yes circle
Yes Game
Yurt Circle
Zen counting