Lessons Posts

A Slug’s Pace Perspective Storytelling
AB Charades
AB Sorting
AB Sorting Alternative
Abiotic and Biotic
Abiotic and Biotic Each One Teach One
Abiotic Observations
All My Friends
Andy Goldsworthy Stewardship
Art snapshot
Baskets Full of Stories
Bear, Salmon, Mosquito
Bird Beak Buffet
Bird Language Skits
Blakely Harbor Then and Now
Body Rhythms
Book List
Botanical Printmaking
Bryophyte Song
Carbon Cycle Model
Cemetery E1T1
Cemetery Investigations
Close ups and zoom ins
Collage Community Agreement
Community Agreement
Community Web
Compost Baby
Compost Cake
Constellation skit
Create A Field Guide
Daily Teambuilding
Decomposition and decomposers
Drumming: Relationships Through Rhythm
E1T1 Plant Investigation
E1T1 Storytelling
Earth Eyes
Ecosystem Challenge
Ecosystem Comparison Supergroup
Ecosystem Drama
Ecosystem in a Box
Ecosystem Lap Sit
Erosion Investigation
Ethnobotany Each One Teach One
Fish Printing (Gyotaku)
Forest Succession
Forest Survey
From the Depths of Mac’s Pond
Garden Each One Teach One
Garden Ecosystem Lesson
Gear Up
Group Juggle/Name Toss
Habit Survey
Habitat mapping
Habitats Hiding at School
Harbor Scientists
How the night sky came to be
Human Impact on Wild Zones: A Case Study
Human Knot
Humans and Water-Themed Week
Humans Impact on Watershed Activity
I Am From… Poem
Ideas of Nature Through Basket Design
Identity Sculptures
Indoor Evening Program
Interpreting Climate Data Lesson
Introduction to Pollinators
Introduction to the Engineering Process
Islands with a Salmon Twist
IslandWood Explorers’ Map
IslandWood Watershed Map
Journey of a Water Drop
Kiwi Ball
Knee Coup
L.A.W. Mystery
L.A.W.S. of nature
Leaf in a Bag
Leaf in a Bag – Short Version
Lesson Template
Letter to Myself
Life And Death In The Forest
Light Investigation
Light, Air, Water
Living Machine E1T1 Cards
Living Machine Water Quality
Loop a group
Low V
Making a Difference at IslandWood
Mapping the Watershed
Material World
Mohawk Walk
Molecules of Carbon Game
Musical Trash
Name Games
Natural Pigments
Nature journaling
Nature’s AB’s Categorization
Nature’s Notebook Community* Science Phenology Project
Nitro Crossing
Nocturnal Animals
Owl Lesson Resources
Owls, Mice and Seeds
Ozette Potato Lesson
Path Map
Path to Stewardship Lesson
Perspective Storytelling
Perspectives and Nature Photography
Photo Journeys
Plant Dance
Pollination Partners
Pollinator Investigation
Pond Investigation
Producer, Consumer, Decomposer Best Friends
Producer/Consumer Lesson
Rattlin Bog
Recycle Relay
Rhythm Routine
Scat Rap
Schoolyard Ecosystems
Seed in a Bag
Silent hike
Soil Chemistry Investigation
Soil Explorers
Soil Investigation
Soil Sleuths
Soil to snack
Solo experience
Solo walk
Solo Walk Poem
Song Sparrow Game
SOP Lesson Template
Sound Map
Species Accounts
Spider’s Web
Spring rolls
Stand up
Steal My Baby
Stewardship Deep Dive
Story of a Water Drop (for Dismissal)
Sunshine, Raincloud
Survival Salmon Style
Systems and Stewardship at the Living Machine
Tail Tag
Taste Tour of the Garden
Team building
Tension Traverse
The Food Chain Song
The Foolish Girl Skit
The Music of Nature
The Story of Food
The Times They are a Changing
Three Wise Monkeys
TP Shuffle
Transfer of Learning
Tuesday and Wednesday Friendship Circle Lessons
Understanding Nature Through Dance
UnNature Hike
Unopposable Thumbs
Water cycle boogie
Water cycle game
Water Quality Investigation
Waterfall (WAM)
Watershed Model
We Come From the Mountain
Web of life
Whale Watch
Wobbly Log
Yurt Circle
Zen counting