Collage Community Agreement


Students will create a community agreement out of pictures and words cut out from magazines as well as in their own words


Students will be able to:

  • Verbalize and visualize how they want our group to interact with each other
  • Understand that everyone has different experiences and different backgrounds
  • Value their individual differences and notice that each can contribute to the group in their own way


  • Formative
    • Observing how the students interact with one another from the start
    • Observing how the students respond to their first activities at IslandWood (name game, introductions, team building game)
    • Asking if students have ever been on a team, or worked in groups can be a good start into the community agreement
  • Summative
    • When the students share their ideas for the collage items they cut out, the answers they give will be a good assessment for the first objective
    • After each student shares, you can pry out more information by asking questions like “How can we show respect” or “Do you think everyone is good at expressing themselves by talking loudly”

I believe this lesson is organic and depends on what the kids are saying and responding to best.  In order to accomplish the last two objectives, I think the assessment would be the general discussions you have with the students during the agreement.  It may be helpful and necessary to guide them into thinking about the differences between people and how we all have something special to offer.

Age group: 9-11 yrs old
Venue/s: Art studio
Materials: butcher paper, markers, scissors, magazines and paper
Time: 65-80 minutes
Set up: Gather all the materials



Introduce the community agreement by telling the students that you are all going to be together for the whole week, and that you hope that it is an exceptional week for all. But in order to have a great week, you will all have to lie out the foundation for what that means. You will need to make boundaries and guidelines for how you all want to act and treat each other throughout the week. Lay out the butcher paper with community agreement in the middle. Garner ideas from the students on what a community is and what an agreement is. Put them together and show them that you will all be making a community agreement.

Activities: Students will look through magazines for phrases, pictures, or words they believe will be a good addition to our community agreement. Encourage them to use their imagination with the collage items they are picking out. For example, using a picture of a lion could symbolize showing courage throughout the week. They may also be given paper and markers to write out their own addition to the agreement. Then, go around the circle and have each student add one item to the community agreement collage. Encourage them to connect ideas with each other. Then, each student can paste their portion on the community agreement, if all agree to their addition and idea.


  • 7 min. set-up
  • 15-20 min. collage cutting time
  • 25-35 min. to add to butcher paper


After all has been pasted down, ask if all the students can agree to the community agreement collage, if so, then all should sign it. Let them know that if there is a problem during the week, then this is where the group should turn to. If there is time, the students can write in their journals a brief summary of what our collage was.
By: Amanda Huels, IW Grad 2014 

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